Eyebrow Threading
24 May 2014 at 00:48

I never heard of Eyebrow Threading my girlfriend who has a Tempe Nail Salon showed me the other day when we went to the mall.  There was a guy getting his eyebrows fixed and I thought she was hinting to me.  That I needed to tend to my Russian roots.  You know how those things can get a mind of their own.  This guy has such huge eyebrows I thought he was Bert from Sesame Street.  I said to her what do you call that Zip Lining?  No she says its Eyebrow Threading. But all jokes aside the fact is that this is a great way to get perfect eyebrows.


nailaddict1 @ 12:48 am
Eyelash Enhancing Serums
24 May 2014 at 00:43

Eyelash Enhancing Serums is intended to help existing lashes grow and maintain health. This helps the anagen phase  of growth during the first 30 plus days of new lashes to help them grow big and strong when they are still a baby and very delicate. It works by stimulating keratin growth. The idea is to repair damaged lashes.  The effects can be very dramatic one people who respond well to the serums.  If you supply your hair with the natural ingredients they need to grow and be healthy you can really see great results naturally without the need for fake lashes.  So give your lashes the opportunity to reach their full potential be trying a eyelash enhancing serum.  We love lashes and cosmetologists everywhere are happy to take your money for fake ones but the truth is for most women a serum is all you need.

Long eyelash


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Tips For Lashes
24 May 2014 at 00:27

There are 3 types of lash extensions.  1)synthetic 2) silk 3) mink.  Lashes are put on one at a time.  So how long should it take to have them applied?  The process for a full set takes 2 hours but a lot of people put on half sets.  This is cheaper and takes a lot less time.  You want to touch them up once a month.  If your tech wants you in every two weeks she is probably doing something wrong they should last longer than that.  The way the application process works is your eyes are taped shut.  So it is completely safe to your eyes.  There should be no burning or discomfort.  Your eyes shouldn’t water.  If there is any discomfort during the application process let your tech know.   This would be a sign something is wrong.  And seriously think about starting with the half set it weighs less and puts less stress on your existing lashes also takes less time and is cheaper.


nailaddict1 @ 12:27 am